Becoming -Book review

The best read in recent times!She made me enslaved with her ideas for the week, I was unable to put down until I’m done. Of many things -she made me be there and feel her becoming in every move, there is a power in her voice which was deep enough, like Maya Angelou. I was […]

From diary #1 Have you wondered,Why?

Have you wondered, why? It’s called as building when it is already built? Does it mean it can still develop? Have you wondered, why? Not all rainfall followed rainbow. It is surreptitiously granting hope to alchemist. Have you wondered, why? we self-sealed inside the home, secluding nature and marvelled at oil painting. Are we battling […]

BDU Terrace

I don’t relish thee kiss of gushing squall, I don’t sniff sporadic scent of muddy gale, I don’t auscultate burbling collision I don’t texture thee phantom Where are you? I don’t discern thee euphony band I don’t relinquish thee hour bells I don’t descry thee amorous owls hoot I don’t glean thee looping tonality of […]

On a Rainy day from Balcony

Nor In home or Out Nor thinking or living Nor still or accommodating Not In memories or in present How plurally we sink in? In closing sky In dancing trees In drizzling drops In swinging present How finely we evolve? In transit bout In gushing blow In wayfaring season In translucent tea sip How wholly […]

What is your dopamine?

What motivates you to go for work? What sets your morrow? What regulates your life? What sets your principles? What determines your boundary? What was your last rewarding experience? Was it your dopamine? Let’s find out… There is a drive which pulls our life forward, for some it’s family, for others it’s relationships for few […]

In the journey of comprehension…

Life is so differently manifested, pushed, tolled but what we can always regulate is our limits. Agreeing to the fact that it is difficult to say ‘no’- I have pondered how stunning changes limits can bring in life. Limiting actions can bring incredible changes, On learning how the behaviors and human relationships of the great […]

UG days and Tamizh

Happy birthday! to one among the best human I have ever seen, this is gift of our best moments  There were four chairs, Tamizh along with two more, sitting on the corridor. She will  talk as if she already lived with them, I thought that they all where schoolmates and have opted for the same […]